Sterling shocker

Raheem sterling won an embarrassing penalty for manchester city against Shakhtar Donetsk. In the 23rd minute Sterling latched on to a pass from silva and was seemed to be trip from a defender but actually ended up kicking the floor and without getting a touch.

Sterling has came out and has said “sorry” and has apologised to the opposition and the referee for not coming forward and telling the referee what had happened. Most of the Donetsk players didn’t even complain to the referee they were laughing as it was a comical moment in the game.

From the result of the embarrassing penalty awarded Gabriel Jesus stepped up and slotted the ball into the bottom corner and put the game away from the opposition and made it very unlikely for a comeback.

Robbie savage in commentary did say “Sterling did not dive but it was poor refereeing”. This was said as the referee was in a poor position and should of let played continued. This incident is very much similar too the champions league semi finals two years ago as Aturo Vidal kicked the floor and thought he had been fouled but the referee booked him for diving and awarded the free kick the other way. In this case Sterling was awarded a penalty and this will be a discussion about VAR because if it was introduced City wouldn’t be awarded a penalty and the game would get restarted with a goal kick.


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