Marjon 2s back to winning ways after beating Bournemouth 3s

Marjon 2s overcame injuries and illnesses to take the first points since mid October away to Bournemouth (3-2).

Illnesses and injury as well as a match ban hit Ross Richardson’s men hard, who had to go to Bournemouth with a bare 11-man squad, including Patrick Quinn and myself (Luis Costa) from the 3s as well as Barney Tossell from the 1st squad. However, this didn’t stop Marjon from taking the 3 points after an early goal through Ben Reynolds, who looked solid at the back along with myself Richardson and Tom Corben, who was voted Man of the Match.

Ben Reynolds opened the score early in the game, with Jake Taylor-Lewis (JTL) doubling Marjon’s lead halfway through the first half.

Bournemouth would get one back right before half time but it did not affect the player’s performance, who would go on to get a third goal in the second half through a 25 yard screamer from Patrick Quinn. Marjon’s front men Jonny Day, Hugh Stronge and JTL kept their composure throughout the game with George Keates and Tossell’s support in the defensive midfield area. However, Bournemouth’s attacking line would guide their team to get a second goal and a penalty late on but it was superbly saved by Will Vockins to deny a late equaliser.

Bournemouth remain with no points after 3 games whereas Marjon are still in the title race with 9 points out of possible 12.

After the game Richardson admitted that it was a ‘well deserved’ 3 points after having to go away with a ‘bare 11’ after players like Rob Vickers, Matt Callow and Tim Ryan were all out due to illness added to Alex Lecointe and Dan Maller out due to injury and suspension respectively.

Up next for Marjon 2s will be hosting Winchester’s 1st team on November 21st in which a win will keep Marjon in the title fight.

Marjon 2s celebrating their win against Bournemouth

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