Christmas Job Adverts – What They Really Mean

To help you in your job search here are some commonly used phrases in Christmas job adverts, and the definition.

  1. Competitive hourly rates = Minimum wage.
  2. Market rate = Minimum wage.
  3. A good team player = Somebody who turns up on time and does what they are told.
  4. Flexible = Required to work when we want you to.
  5. A variety of shifts = Evenings and weekends when our full-time staff don’t want to work.
  6. No two days are the same = Today you will be stacking shelves, tomorrow you may be on the checkouts.
  7. Could lead to a permanent job = We will probably need somebody again at Easter but no guarantees.
  8. Motivated = Prepared to work long hours for low pay.
  9. Commitment to customer care = When a customer makes a purchase sell them an extended guarantee on top.
  10. Responsible = If something goes wrong you get the blame.

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on “Christmas Job Adverts – What They Really Mean
One Comment on “Christmas Job Adverts – What They Really Mean

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