The Princess Switch

Netflix released their new Christmas film ‘The Princess Switch’  this month, leaving rom com fans satisfied for the holiday season.

The film, directed by Mike Rohl, starring Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio and Nick Sagar tells the tale of a Chicago based baker, Stacy, switching places with Margaret the Duchess of Montenaro, who looks exactly like her.

Hudgens on screen charm makes the movie that much more loveable, bringing back the memories of happier childhood days from her most famous role as Gabriella in High School Musical.

Stacy is a well organised city girl who likes to follow the rules, whereas Margaret is a typical posh totty, who is soon to be princess of Belgravia. When they meet they realise they look suspiciously similar and take the opportunity to allow the duchess to experience a normal life, which she turns out to enjoy much more than she thought.

The Netflix original is the ultimate Christmas chick flick that will leave you in tears with its delightfully soppy ending.

‘The Princess Switch’ is eerily similar to the Hallmark brand movies, which we can all admit are our secret guilty pleasures. It has all the same conventions, from dominating romance to well loved stock characters, but most likely with a bigger budget and better stars.

This movie sets the scene for a perfect cosy night in by the fire with a hot chocolate and the Christmas lights twinkling and is definelty worth the time of setting your ego aside and letting out the love we all secretly share for cheesy cliché’s.

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