The Grinch- Review

Of all the remakes that Hollywood has been cranking out, The Grinch is potentially the one requested the least. The story never needed any revamping, and Jim Carey’s performance as the Grinch himself is completely timeless. Regardless, Illumination commandeered the property and have used their style that has become synonymous with enticing children (just look at the design of the Minions) and surprisingly enough, have made a perfectly serviceable kid’s movie.

The Grinch is such a middle-of-the-road movie that it’s hard to really say much about it. The amination looks great for sake of the simplisitic character design and the charming world that is built, and the characters are all sweet enough, but right the way through the film everything feels incredibly “fine”. The plot is very predictable (very much aside from knowing the plot of the first film) and Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as the titular character is perfectly okay. Nobody expected him to topple Carey’s memorable performance, but he embodies the character well enough, if not safe for the original performance’s eccentricities. The whole film’s really is about this lacklustre.

There are some dull moments across the film, and the finale is predictable, but it’s enjoyable enough regardless of its flaws. Most of the comedy lands, the chemistry between the Grinch and Cindy-Lou is good (despite a lack of development) and in concept, it works. But if you’re genuinely interested in going to the cinema for an experience you won’t forget for a while, Maybe The Grinch isn’t the one to watch. Need to keep the kids quiet and entertained for an hour and a half over the Christmas season? Bingo.

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