What is the Best Thing About Marjon?

“I’ve never found a more welcoming community. I can walk through Marjon or Plymouth City Centre and see someone I know, and can have a chat with.” That’s according to Marjon SU president Rhys Roberts when he was asked, what makes Marjon different?

He was taking part in the Marjon Open Day Q and A session, with Student Ambassadors Geoffrey and Amy chaired by 2ndYear Journalism Student, Rikki Cain. The event took place just after the opening address by Vice-chancellor Rob Warner.

The Q and A gave potential students a taste of life at Marjon. Amy talked about her work experience gained during her sports rehabilitation course that included being part of the team on a charity cycling challenge over the hottest weekend of the year.

Geoffrey recounted his experiences at Marjon and his 8 months study in the US. He combined his study with an enjoyable spell at Camp America. They all agreed that a small university had big advantages.

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