Design to sell

You can hear the music before you walk in. Classic 80’s hits accompanies the sights of smiling students offering to gift wrap your purchases and there are people everywhere.

Each room holds a different gift. A quiet place for socialising with friends, a friendly student offering you free cheese cubes and mulled wine, and entire rooms of some pretty astounding art to buy.

This is, of course, Plymouth College of Art’s annual Design to sell event where students from the extended diploma course design, promote and sell their handmade work. There is an impressive range of stuff to buy from posters (I totally recommend the Persephone one) and cool prints, to oil lamps and 3D art, temporary tattoos, jewellery, T shirts, badges, and even cat ear head bands. The best part? All of it is very cheap to buy ranging from 90p to about £20.

Opening night was last night and here is what some people had to say…


Design to sell is an event that you shouldn’t miss, according to Kim Randall and Sapphire Henrikson who both study the art foundation course at PCA, “it’s supporting a small community and it’s supporting young artists which is really important.”

And if you need more reasons to take a look then just listen to the people who were there last night.

Design to sell is on tonight and Friday from Six till Eight pm at the Pre degree campus on palace court in Plymouth.

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