Thinking about watching ‘Dance Moms’? DON’T! seriously don’t.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of having your ears bleed to the horrific harmony of middle-aged women bitching and cat fighting over the Abby lee dance company and all the dysfunctional bullshit that somehow ends up in their kids being in some sort of weird beauty pageant/ dance competition- then here’s the rundown of why I really fucking hate Dance Moms.

This totally insane raspy voiced screeching dance teacher relentlessly omits emotional and psychological abuse and exploitation not just on to the mothers but the children too. When her oldest dance student was just 11 years old  she started complaining to the girls about ‘sexual tension’ between the CHILDREN and their male partners for a duet dance, so logically what do you do? force the kids on a date? – you can’t help but ask yourself, what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you for real? You own a business, you are on television, you are employed by these moms to teach their children how to dance; you have the responsibility to GUIDE these girls to be professional and competent young ladies yet everyone can see that you are in no way professional or competent yourself.

The only reason why this show is airing is because of how dysfunctional and ridiculous this woman is. Am I ranting? This feels like a rant.

I used to go to tap and dance lessons myself. Just to have fun and make friends. It was creative, thrilling, I got praise and learnt how to take on constructive criticism. These kids get shouted at and pretty much bullied. Who the hell wants to watch that? It’s just not right, I can’t ever get those 5 hours back that I spent, pursing my lips and frowning so hard my face is still like that now whilst writing this and I still genuinely have nothing to show for it. Apart from that these kids are actually talented, It’s not a good look, it’s not promoting anything positive and it doesn’t carry a good representation for younger girls on how you should act as a woman, or a business owner. If they lose a competition it’s Armageddon and that’s not the way the world works? You should always aim to win but if it doesn’t work out you don’t shower children with negativity and disappointments. You pick yourself up, work hard and try again, am I right? If you are a CHILD you don’t respond to loss via drill army sergeant. You construct, you rebuild, and you improve. There are no positive values it’s stressful and painful to watch and it’s probably stressful and painful to be a part of. The core values and morals are all wrong and just a joke really.

It’s a real shame. It’s possibly one of the worst reality shows I have ever had the displeasure of having to watch. And I really hate it. Did I mention I really hate it?

Think of this as a warning, a piece of genuine, caring advice.

Don’t watch dance moms unless you want to get angry.


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on “Thinking about watching ‘Dance Moms’? DON’T! seriously don’t.
One Comment on “Thinking about watching ‘Dance Moms’? DON’T! seriously don’t.
  1. I like your style of writing in this piece Leah – strong impact. Haven’t watch Dance Moms and I defiantly don’t want to now!

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