Vegans lacking in nutrients?

Veganism has been around for decades; since the mid 1940’s to be precise, I bet you didn’t know that? But it isn’t until now that it is more popular than ever before. This new way to eat has been a huge mainstream lifestyle change. With over 600,000 people being vegan in the United Kingdom in 2018, this new lifestyle is having a big shift in society and the way people really view what they are putting into their body. But haven’t you heard the expression, vegetarian’s heart will beat 10 times faster due to not eating meat? Or have you heard people say that vegetables have feelings too or you cat be a vegan, you kill ants when you walk over them?

People often argue that vegans do not get enough nutrients and vitamins, which is a big myth. Yes being vegan means you could possibly lack in specific minerals and vitamins but there are more than enough ways to intake them. Another thing that people cannot seem to get their head around is. ‘Vegans only eat lettuce’. It would be impossible to only eat salad and survive without getting unwell. There are so many vegan options out there to this day that it is almost uncertain that you wouldn’t get your nutrients from living a vegan lifestyle. When you think about it, vegans must be much healthy than meat- eaters if there were to only eat fruit and vegetables. Imagine the variety of vitamins and minerals you would be getting?

A report on Waitrose supermarket has said that a third of people have begun to really cut down on the amount of meat they are eating. There is more than one motive for this change in behavior. The profound way of slaughtering animals are having huge feelings of regret and motivation to reduce this. Other reasoning is the health and environmental matters that are inducing people to lead a vegan lifestyle. Over the past few years there has been extensive research about cured and processed meats causing cancer. Many magazines and shops across the UK have been addressing veganism in different ways to help others get a better insight into the vegan lifestyle.

With the new vegan range at Waitrose, people were very impressed but they were not impressed when food editor, Mr Sitwell made a rude and sarcastic joke about vegans when responding to an email. A vegan asked for more vegan recipes however Sitwell thought it would be funny to reply back saying ‘ perhaps creating a series on killing vegans’. His apology was then sent back after insulting vegans. Veganism can either inspire you or challenge your thoughts on the topic.

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on “Vegans lacking in nutrients?
One Comment on “Vegans lacking in nutrients?
  1. I think Mr Sitwell needs to visit the shinny new vegan cake shop in Plymouth…I have feeling he would go away with a different attitude.

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