A brave step forward for Golf yet the foundations will always remain the same

The day was the 26th November of this year that Golf’s new vision was seen by the world, although we say world, the world had to pay a $19.99 pay-per-view charge to watch it. Normally pay-per-view is reserved for such sports as Boxing, UFC and even the sports entertainment industry of World Wrestling Entertainment. All grandiose events that may fit the bill for fans of their chosen followings to pay and enjoy. For some strange reason the most gentleman of sports with so much tradition steeped in history found its way onto a subscription billing.


Two of Golfs biggest superstars of the past 20 years, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson’s battled out a one on one 18 hole play-off, with a $9 million (£7 million) purse awaiting the victor. Mickelson overcame his old adversary on the day to claim the spoils but for many in the Golfing world, that wasn’t the main conclusion of the day.

It seems the four majors, The Masters, US Open, PGA Championship and The Open, plus a healthy European and US tour each year is not enough for the bigwigs in charge of one of the most iconic sports. A brave new venture indeed for the Golfing world, but some aspects of the sport will never change.

Golf is played by wonderful artists of the game that create sporting moments on the biggest stage of all, these moments wouldn’t mean as much without the beautiful courses the golfers play on. A course is a work of art. From the dangerous looking rough to the pristine greens, Its an artists canvas that will be always be viewed upon as the greatest backdrop in all of sport.

Augusta, St Andrews, Bethpage Black have hosted numerous major championships and rightly so, for many of us, we will only get to witness these works of art via a television screen.

Those iconic courses may be fine to be left to view on a TV screen, as here in the South West we have our own works of art scattered across the wonderful coastline. From the magnificent Staddon Heights, with its gushing views of Plymouth Sound and beyond, to the tranquil elegance of Whitsand Bay with views that go on for miles. Mix in St. Enadoc and St. Mellion along the way and that will only scratch the surface of the beautiful carved courses enjoyed by thousands of keen Golfers year in, year out.

These courses are maintained immaculately every day of the year by keen greenskeepers who paint their own mark into the sporting world in the South West.

Come rain or shine these wonderful keepers of the sport look after the picturesque courses that were there before them and will be there long after they have gone. A true passion of any greenkeeper is the course, not a care for who wins out of Mickelson or Woods, I’m sure they would appreciate the course they are playing on but certainly not the outcome.

We here in the South West are lucky to have such dedicated and wonderful artists of the sport who will always make sure Golf is available to all enthusiasts of the game, no matter what happens in the professional game.

A short feature was made recently by a Marjon student and South West Sports News, to find out a little bit more of the work that goes on behind the scenes of a local Golf course.

For local Golf at least, the sport will always thrive.


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