Marjon Fire Demonstration

A controlled fire was set this morning in car park 5 to assist Criminology and Forensic Criminology students at Marjon to learn more about fire assessment. 

The event took place at 09:30 this morning and many students have already given lots of positive feedback about the demonstration that was hosted by JC Fire’s John Caulton saying that they took a lot away from the demonstration and they have gained a better knowledge of arson and the use of fire in crime.

John Caulton, who travelled all the way from Derby to host the event, also brought his fire dog with him; a cocker spaniel who is well trained to smell out fire accelerant after the fire has been extinguished. John will show the students how dogs are used in real fire investigations to save valuable time and resources.

The demonstration allowed John to show the students different smoke patterns and how to identify the source of a fire. He also demonstrated how objects can shift from their original positions during a fire and he also let the students take a look at some of the evidence for themselves.

Marjon student Jack Horswell witnessed the fire and he had this to say: “I was quite a way away from the demonstration but I managed to watch most of the demonstration and the heat coming from the fire was almost unbearable, I don’t know how firefighters deal with that kind of heat all the time!” He went on to say: “The demonstration seemed extremely helpful for the students involved and the knowledge that they gained must be invaluable”

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