Tyson Fury Confident For Victory Over Wilder

Tyson Fury is feeling extremely confident ahead of his fight with Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder tomorrow night.

The highly anticipated fight will see the return of the British boxer after having his titles stripped from him and spending time in rehab. The extremely publicised fall of Tyson Fury left his future as a boxer in doubt however, just over three years after defeating Klitchko and gaining his heavyweight titles, he is back and he aims to take back his titles one by one.

His first stop on his journey to regain his titles is Deontay Wilder. The American boxer has been looking both impressive and dangerous in the states for a few years now and most that face him end up on the canvas. Will this be the fate of Tyson Fury? Only time will tell.

Fury is not worried about the American however, in a recent interview with Sky Sports he said: “I’m going to win this fight – one million per cent. There is not a doubt in my mind. No matter what he brings on Saturday night I will overcome him and win and take the WBC title back to the UK.”

“You will see the best Tyson Fury. It needs to be the best Tyson Fury to compete at this level and beat such a champion as Deontay Wilder but I’m pretty confident that I have worked hard enough and done everything in my power.”

“I’m going to go in there and do my best on Saturday night. I’m very relaxed I don’t get very tense before a fight – it’s just another fight for me. It’s another boxing match.”

While Fury might be feeling confident that he can defeat Wilder on Saturday night, the bookies are definitely not feeling the same way about the fight. Sky Bet put Deontay Wilder at 8/13 to win the fight and 11/10 for a win by KO or TKO compared to Fury’s 6/4 for a win and 5/1 for a win by KO or TKO.

Although the bookies are favouring Wilder to win the fight, Deontay has remained humble and shows a tremendous amount of respect for the Englishman. Wilder said: “He has done a lot of great things, defeating Wladimir Klitschko and although he wasn’t able to defend his title that was a big accomplishment for him.

“I was very happy to see him do that. I can be happy for others even if they do things better than me, because I am so happy in my life, and I surround myself with positive things.

“I can’t wait for Saturday night because I’m so excited.”

Well will Fury make the comeback that he desperately wants or will Wilder put an end to his hopes of regaining all of his titles? The fight is at 05:00 on Sunday morning or BT Sport Box office.

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