Five games rumoured to be announced or shown at the Game Awards 2018

Every year so far that the Game Awards have been celebrated has also brought along with it a number of game reveals ranging from triple A studios to small, indie developers. This year is no different but this time host of the show Geoff Keighley has teased that this years show will feature around 10 game announcements. This of course has sent fans into wild speculation as people try to figure out what might be revealed for the first time. I’ve gathered some of the most popular theories out there, ranging from extremely likely to the big wishes but highly unlikely.

Obsidian’s New RPG

For those potentially unaware Obsidian was recently bought by Microsoft in one of the latest acquisitions by Microsoft in their latest attempt to pave the way forward for the future generation of Xbox with a whole host of creative talent and studios under their belt. And although their future projects will be Xbox exclusive, Obsidian was rumoured to be working on a new RPG with 2K which would be multiplatform and was in development before the Microsoft acquisition.

In the past week, Obsidian put out a series of teasers on their website telling fans to watch out for the video game awards with a count-down to the event, which all but confirms that their latest game will be there. Whilst the teases don’t give away much, it appears to feature a futuristic sci-fi RPG theme and the development team is being led by Fallout co-creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky.

Bioware’s Dragon Age

Although not much has been said about it, BioWare have been quietly working on a new Dragon Age project for quite some time. Casey Hudson recently stated in a studio blog that “you know we’re working on some secret Dragon Age stuff” and told eager fans to keep an eye on this in the coming month but refused to state where they would find this information. Whilst the company would not need to use a big event for their announcement, it would make perfect sense for them to do it at the Game Awards as they will also be showing off new stuff for their other game, Anthem, at the same event.

Square Enix’s Avengers Project

Back in January 2017, it was announced that Square Enix would be developing a new Avengers project but since then there has been complete radio silence with no new information being given out, leaving fans hungry to know more. That was of course up until recently when speculation started to make the rounds after Geoff Keighley announced on Twitter that the Russo brothers, directors of the Avengers movies, would be presenting at the Game Awards on Friday. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but at the same time it wouldn’t be far fetched either to think that this would be a great time for more details to be revealed about the game with the perfect duo to deliver the news.

Alien: Blackout

Cold Iron Studios was acquired by a subsidiary of Fox, owners of the Alien franchise, back in January of this year. According to the developers website, they are working on a new PC and console shooter based on the Alien franchise however the game is currently untitled.

The strongest clue that we have so far that Alien: Blackout could be revealed at the Game Awards is that 20th Century Fox trademarked Alien: Blackout under categories including “game software” which is visible via the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The second tease that was given was that Geoff Keighley tweeted out a picture which states “WORLDS WILL CHANGE” in a familiar looking font which is very similar in style to the Weyland-Yutani corporation font from the Alien universe. Whilst this could just be purely for aesthetic reasons and be coincidental, all these signs seem to add up to a high possibility.

Death Stranding

One of the most likely appearances we will see at the Game Awards will be the presence of Hideo Kojima with his game Death Stranding. We’ve been getting increasingly more footage of the game over the past year including the Game Awards 2017 which Kojima debuted a first look trailer on stage. On top of this, Geoff Keighley and Hideo Kojima have a very close friendship and are very public about this on social media platforms. It would be no surprise if Kojima was here for the second year running to share even more information about the bizarre game which, even after the trailers, still have no idea on what it all means. We are still yet to get an in depth look at gameplay too so that would be a good guess as to what we will see.

All of this is pure speculation and what we receive on the night may be completely different but one things for sure is that it is bound to be a fantastic night to celebrate video games and a chance for developers to share their passion with their fans. Be sure to tune in to Twitch, Youtube and all the other streaming platforms on Friday 7th December at 1:30am to find out exactly what’s in store.

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