How to behave at the Cinema

You’d think it should be easy for people to understand some simple rules at the cinema, but for some reason, a fair few people find it very, very difficult.

The rules are simple, when a movie starts, don’t record the movie, don’t talk and don’t even think about going on your phone.

Some people, find that last one extremely difficult.

I was recently at the cinema watching Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, it was a fairly busy screening as it was late afternoon on a Saturday, and not only was there loud chatter at the start of the film (when the age rating screen comes on, you should shut up) but mid-way through the film, during an intense scene, a phone rang somewhere in the crowd.

I could forgive this, they turned their phone off as soon as it started ringing, but what I couldn’t forgive was the person sat next to me, constantly checking her phone every 10 minutes.

I didn’t say anything, I’m British after all, but it bothered me…a lot.

I don’t understand how hard it is for people to turn their phones off and enjoy a film for a few hours. If people can’t do that, then why are they paying upwards of £10 to go to the cinema. Just wait for the film to come out on home release when you can use your phone as much as you want in the comfort of your own home.

Not only does going on your phone distract the people around you, but it can also lead to that person having a negative view of the film, purely because of the audience.

Recently, Frankie and Bennies are taking peoples phones off them during their meal, in exchange for discounts or free kids meals, and maybe something similar should happen in cinemas?

If anyone takes anything away from this article/rant, then I’d like it to be this:

  • Turn your phone off
  • Don’t get up unless you really need to pee
  • Be considerate when eating/drinking
  • Don’t talk during the movie
  • Finally, turn up on time, don’t waltz in 5 minutes into the film.


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