Botox party treatment gone wrong

A woman who attended a Botox party recently received bad treatment from a friend who applied Botox to her lips and was left with a painful swelling.

Rachael Knappier, from Leicestershire attended a botox get-to-together in which she originally agreed to only receive treatment to her forehead, but when the beautician who was carrying out the treatment mentioned the scar on her lips from what she had since she was a child, Rachael couldn’t hesitate not too.

During the procedure, Rachael cried out in pain as the treatment was done incorrectly, so therefore she was rushed to hospital straight afterwards to receive professional treatment there at A&E.

The 29 year old received treatment from an untrained beautician, who she believed at the time professionally knew what she was doing, and when Knappier got back in touch with the beautician through FaceTime, she was horrified and kept shouting “Go to A&E now!”

House bound for days due to her appearance, Knappier felt very insecure about her appearance and was scared that she would never get back to her normal self, but once the professionals stepped in, her lips are finally getting back to normal, but urges people to only get cosmetic treatment done professionally for your health and safety.

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