Wednesday the 5th of December, a big day for Brexit. The government is releasing their Brexit legal advice after suffering three parliamentary defeats yesterday. What happened and why is this happening? We have got the breakdown for you.

Tuesday the 4th of December, a bad day for Theresa May. The MPs passed a historic motion yesterday, they are finding the government in contempt of parliament. Why? because they were naughty and only published part of the legal advice when they where suppose to hand over the legal advice in full.

But of course this wasn’t the only thing that happened yesterday, as a matter of fact the government had to suffer throught three major defeats yesterday.

First defeat

The government lost a bid to have the legal advice issue dealt with seperately by the priveleges Committee of MPs. This was the first slap in the face.

Second defeat

The ministers were found in contempt of parliament which meant that they would have to publish the legal advice in full.

Why didn’t they do this to begin with? Well appareantly they thought it would have broken convention and wasn’t of national interest. Well government look what happened, maybe you should have done it right in the first place.

The third and final defeat

Poor government just couldn’t catch a break yesterday, the last defeat was also the most significant. The MPs want changes to the parliamentary process in the event that the commons votes down Theresa May’s deal.

This would mean that instead of being confined to merely “taking note” of what the government tells them, MPs would also be able to have more influence by voting on what they want the government to do next.

Wednesday 5th of December

This brings us to today, the 5th of December. the government has just released their legal advice in full and we will keep you updated the whole day about what is happening in Westminster today so bear with us!


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