Diving into the future: TV shows and movies that define the most realistic predicament for the human race

With impacts such as global warming and the ever-growing list of endangered animals on our planet, the media has predicted in many forms the different outcomes society could face in the future.

The world is constantly showing signs of slow motion destruction, that us humans are creating in the planet, but when will the human race finally realise that this is enough and something has got to change.

The human lifestyle has changed over many years as well; we eat more and move less, we produce technology that becomes convenient and dependant on for the majority of the population, and the ever-growing concern of Global Warming can have a huge toll on how us human beings live and develop throughout our lives.

The media is our eyes and ears to this steady destruction of our planet, and some of the content truly gives us a glimpse into the future and what life could be like for the human race.

Here are the top five movies and TV series that depict the possible outcomes of human-self destruction in our future:

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. Written in 1985, Atwood gives the audience an insight into the future where a totalitarian state resembling a theonomy overthrows the United States government and forms a dictatorship. At this point, the process of producing offspring has become extremely difficult, so therefore the totalitarians bring in a scheme in which all working class females who have been fertile in the last ten years are made handmaid’s, in which they are responsible to produce offspring into the world for an upper class family. I won’t go into too much detail about the story but it definitely studies a certain outcome or fate should I say on how humans live in the future. The Handmaid’s Tale is predicting that it has come to this way due to the way people have lived which has made us become less fertile.



The film 2012 is a predicament of how the world will end through natural disasters caused by mankind. Scientists estimated that the deadline to the end of the world would happen in 2012, so in the film it displays the possibilities of what could make the human race extinct. The film was released before 2012, so therefore audiences were shook up with the thought of the end of the world, but many believed it wouldn’t happen and it didn’t (lucky for us!).


Wall-e is a Sci-fi futuristic film that is aimed at young audiences following the journey of a robot that was put on planet earth to try and clean up the mess that has built up over many years created by human beings. Behind the fun storyline and sweet romantic twist, the film displays a realistic possibility of what the world would look like in the future. Humans have abandoned the planet, and have become heavily dependant on technology, which overall makes humans lazy and blinded by the truth that’s right in front of them.


The Walking Dead

The next one on our list is not so realistic but looks into another possibility for the future. The Walking Dead is a TV series that shows an outbreak of a virus which takes over the human race making them feed on people, and the ones who are left sane on the planet need to try and survive. Basically, it’s a typical zombie apocalypse, but who’s to say something like this could happen to us in the future? Looking beyond the zombies, The Walking Dead displays a detailed visual of what the world could turn into once humans have stopped running everything. Nature slowly starts to take its course by growing over everything that was once built by humans, and letting the world move on to grow and bring a new start to life whatever that may be.

Children of Men

The last movie on my list, which shows the most amount of realism for the future is the 2006 adaptation of the Children of Men. Children of Men brings us into the future where women have become completely infertile, and causes the rest of society to become reckless and harsh, where there is no more children in the world. Now that the future is short, there is no more happiness, only violent and terror from the harsh reality of what people live in now. When it says the future, the film is actually based in the year 2027, and women have become infertile because of the way people have lived over many years. I believe that the Children of Men is the best adaptation because once our future’s become short, people haven’t got much to live for and everything that has been put in place is let go causing the world overall to collapse and fail.

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