End of an Era: Avengers 4 Endgame

It’s finally here.

Marvel officially dropped the much anticipated trailer for the Fourth Avengers movie on Friday and, as expected, the internet exploded. It’s no surprise really what with the climactic cliff hanger ending of Infinity war. To build up the hype even more, fans have also received little teasers like this picture that the Russo brothers tweeted back in September causing fans to speculate on whether they’d just cleverly given away the title?

The trailer’s release confirmed the title of the new Avengers movie as Endgame, a rather fitting name for the end of an era. Robert Downey Jr’s and Chris Evans’ contracts with marvel are coming to an end which means potentially no more Ironman and/or Captain America, and Kevin Feige has said Marvel will be changing up how they do things with no more “phases” after phase 4. The saddest change, however, comes in the form of Stan Lee’s death.

And speaking of death, that is where Infinity war left us. 50% of the population of the universe was erased from existence after the snap, including Black Panther, the majority of the guardians, Nick Fury, and Spiderman. The death toll is even larger when you count those who actually physically died such as Loki, Heimdall, and Gamora.

Whilst most of the surviving Avengers were in Wakanda, Tony (A.K.A Ironman) was left on Titan with only Nebula for company and this is where the trailer begins. Our favourite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist is adrift in space, sans one nebula, with no food or water and only a couple of hours worth of oxygen left leaving a goodbye/love note for Pepper. Things might not be looking so hot for him here but he’s in a very similar get up (hairstyle and all) to another time he was in a seemingly helpless situation back in the first Ironman movie…

Other notable moments in the trailer feature a beardless cap and black widow in a quinjet discussing a plan, Scarecrow Thanos, various sad Avengers, Bruce compiling a list of the missing (what happened to Shuri?), Antman coming back. AND. HAWKEYE. AS. RONIN. The Ronin reveal has excited many fans and also tells us that the tone for this movie is probably going to be pretty dark (if you couldn’t already tell).

Although an exciting development, Fans will still have to wait till 26th April when Endgame is released to find out exactly what happens and if their (MANY) theories were correct or not.

Part of the journey is the end…

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