Brexit: branching off campus

By Martyna Nowak, Jasmine, Harvey James, Emily Rutherford

After the on-going discussion of how Brexit will affect the lives of university students, we sent Martyna Nowak to the field of the university campus to get more inside information on how the new generation of students feel about the current debates.

 Branching off from the EU?

We investigated a number of students in order to get the best possible idea of how Brexit may change the student life. From arts students to the President of Student Union ( Rhys Roberts ) we now have the insight on how they feel about Brexit.


These are the opinions of the art students which shows the confusion and worry the situation has left – also the frustration that they couldn’t vote for the decisions that affect their futures. As you can see, these art students are passionately worried about what the future may take away from them. This is because the government doesn’t fund ( or support ) the creative subjects which may result in a crisis as this may mean that these creative activities may not get the funding, therefore resulting in a possible cut of the curriculum.


The President of the Student Union believes that each individual should be well informed and educated on the current Brexit situation and for everyone to stick together so that they can help each other discuss future plans. He also believes that this change should not affect future plans to go traveling during gap years.

This brings to a conclusion that Brexit still brings confusion to all, however the education system and student life shouldn’t change too much.

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