How to stay healthy on a budget at uni

By Ollie Noy Scott, Mia Prescott, Kieran Gilbert, Neve Solomon and Ben Scott

Although you may think you’re ready to jump into life at uni – things may be more complicated than you think. Planning is essential, especially if you want to keep yourself healthy and active (and to avoid the ever-tempting trap of practically turning yourself into a pot noodle).

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the best advice from current students and from respected professionals, including tips and information about memberships, dieting and more.

Fitness and facilities:

Something to always be aware of if you are someone looking to keep your body in good shape is (obviously) the sports facilities – at Marjon, a lucrative range of accessible equipment is on offer to all students, at a discounted price.

As a student, you’ll be able to access all the facilities for £16 a month – compared to £31 a month if you are a member of the public. This includes a high quality 25m swimming pool and a fitness suite containing a range of cardio machines, functional equipment, weights (including power racks), dumbbells, pulleys and fixed-resistance machines. On site you can also find a sports and health clinic, 3G Hockey and Astro turf pitches, a climbing wall and a sports hall!


One of the biggest issues many students face when making the shift to university life is providing suitable food to stay healthy. Here, we are going to tell you the top 5 tips in helping you stay healthy on a budget at uni.
1.      Stick to your budget- most students spends £820 a year, that’s roughly £15 a week. So our advice for you is to spend wisely!
2.      Get discounted apps like uni days, this is a great app to give you discounts on food but not only that, you can also get discounts on clothes and electronics.
3.      Go to grocery shops later on in the evening because they have discounted items, that you can freeze to save.
4.      Don’t go to the supermarket hungry because you tend to by more food when you’re hungry
5.      Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best deals in different areas, as various shops will have better discounts on different things.

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