What hope for British High Streets?

2018 has been the worst record on date for British high streets, but Plymouth city centre in particular has seen a loss of many shops over the past few years that people are starting to take notice by. 

We’ve had to say goodbye to businesses that once sat safely within Plymouth’s city centre. Big chains such as Toys R Us, Poundworld, Maplins electrical store and BHS were once thriving through our city streets, but now have left a rather large empty hole that stands out like a sore thumb some might say. 


Toys R Us Plymouth sadly left us back in February 2018

Jam Live took to the streets of Plymouth to dive deeper into the issue and to find out what the public had to say on the high street crisis.

British high streets are going through a period of change that shows the decline of large chains such as New look and House of Fraser, and are bringing in more social options such as coffee shops and restaurants. Due to the advancement of technology, clothes shopping is moving more towards online now, but Plymouth’s high street is adapting to what people want out of the city in the 21st century.

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