The rivalry between education and mobiles: which will win?

By Ella Heneghan, Hannah Smith and Oliver Bennett 

Ever thought you spend too much time on your phone?

We, as Generation X, have become consumed by the prospect of being continuously informed by the Internet; we need to know about the latest news, the latest app or the latest form of entertainment.

 Our lives revolve around modern technology and we soon discover the shocking truth of the hours we spill frivolously on the World Wide Web.   

We crave a single drop of our phone and this is evident in the university environment.

 Some excuses for the “wasted” hours upon hours of time on their mobile device are “To look at revision notes”.

However, others claim it’s a variety of factors on their phones that trigger distraction, like social networking.

Within this university, beliefs on the average time on student’s phones are about ‘2-3 hours’ yet in reality we revealed the usage to be 4 hours a day, not a single student shocked.

Even The Guardian has raised this issue on the usage of mobile devices; in the past decade an increase from 17% to 78%.  

Technology is booming and we, seemingly, are enthralled by this new, exciting experiment.

Continuity is dull yet change is thrilling, education is boring and our phones are amazing. Education? Phones? Which one would you pick?

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