The Age of the Internet

“Momo” is a terrifying internet character hoax that caught social media’s eye recently by hijacking YouTube Kids’ videos. It showed children explicit and graphic depictions of harming people and encouraged children to copy. It is thought that hackers have been using this technology to gain private information and data using more unsuspecting targets such as young children.  

Police and schools have assisted parents by offering warnings and advice with how to help their child not be afraid and understand what is really going on. Safety on the internet for young people has always been a concern, but incidents like this only make people shy away from what, when used correctly, is an amazing technological advancement since its first creation.

It has sparked debate in the online community as to who is to blame, the app, child, parents or creators? This debate also poses the question at what age do you give a child a mobile phone, IPad or device? And is the internet being regulated enough?

We asked two women about their thoughts on these issues. 

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