A gesture of good will from a Devon based company ‘Veg In A Box’ to Thomas Cook employees.

Veg In A Box, a Devon based, family run business, have pledged to kindly donate five fruit and vegetable boxes to families of Thomas Cook staff in light of the devastating news of the companies collapse which was released on  Monday.

Thousands of staff members from the company have lost their jobs from the closure, which as a result has left many individuals jobless, and unable to provide for their families.

Julie Corcutt, Director of Veg In A Box from Plymouth and Exeter, posted on the companies Facebook page explaining that they felt for everyone who have been affected by the closure of Thomas Cook. Julie also stated that she could not offer much but wanted to help these families whilst they came to terms with losing their jobs.

The company sells fresh, local, low carbon footprint and also plastic free boxes of locally sourced produce. However, they do not just sell fruit and vegetables.They also sell boxes jam-packed full of meats from local famers and butchers. Their huge selection of boxes varies from Meat and Vegetable boxes, to Vegan and Meat free boxes, to boxes which are seasonally sourced and boxes that have a low carbon footprint. There is even the choice to pick your own.

The Facebook post has had a huge outpour of customers, and non-customers, recommending families of Thomas Cook employees with individuals repeatedly saying what a lovely gesture this was.

A few hours later, another post stated that the first Thomas Cook employee gift box was on its way to a lady called Michelle, from Plymouth. Plymouth had many Thomas Cook branches based around the city, including the City Centre, so many individuals have been hugely affected.

The post also suggested that if anyone wanted to make a donation towards more boxes being given to Thomas Cook employees, then that would also be possible. And with no suprise, a ‘wonderful business man’, along with many others, have made a generous donation to buy many more boxes. What a superb effort!

Veg In A Box also spoke to a lady, a single mum who has a mortgage to pay, but who has no wages due to the store closure. Julie told her that her name had been put forward to recieve a box from the company. She was massively overwhelmed at their generosity and grateful to those who nominated her.

This lady sent the Veg In A Box Facebook page a message saying:

“I am just so overwhelmed by peoples kindness! I really have never felt as heartbroken as I do right now. Businesses like yours are just so unbelievably kind… I cannot thank you enough”.

Alongside Veg In A Box’s amazing gesture to help those in need during times like this, their work and kind efforts to help the community do not stop here. The business also throughout the year come together to collect clothes and shoes to send to refugee camps , which would not be possible without the generosity of their customers.

Julie Corcutt also explained: “Being rich does not interest us. As long as we are warm and fed, that is all we wish for, so we like to give when an opportunity arises like this, to try and help others.”

“Within our business, nothing ever goes to waste. Our left over fruit and veg either goes to food banks, charities, play groups or soup kitchens”.

One Preschool which have been helped by Veg In A Box is MayTree Preschool in Woodbury. A post on Facebook states ‘We’re going bananas for the glorious fruit, veg and milk from Veg In A Box…Thanks as always for helping us keep our children happy and healthy!’

If you wish to donate towards sending out more boxes to the families of Thomas Cook staff, head over to their Facebook page and pop them a message.

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