BBC’s “CountryFile” Visits Local Plymouth Beach

On Sunday 13th October, BBC One viewers were treated to an episode of Countryfile featuring local Plymouth beach, Wembury. Wembury itself is a place well-known for its outstanding natural beauty, stunning coastal walks and is host to the distinctive island, The Great Mewstone.

The Countryfile crew featured Anita Rani, Ellie Harrison and Joe Crowley who each wandered into Wembury’s hidden treasures: Joe Crowley explored Wembury’s familiar rockpools;  Ellie Harrison delved deep to seek out life in the shadowy depths of the ocean; whilst Anita Rani took to the cliffs in order to discover the untold and unlikely history of Wembury Point.

The episode, which main focus point was of Wembury,  provided viewers with an interesting take and perspective of the village beach. It also demonstrated how such a small and hidden area of South Devon can provide such rich and intriguing history. 

The visit from Countryfile provides an excellent chance for Wembury to gain new visitors and for many to come upon this outstanding Eden. 

Watch the episode here: .Wembury Episode

Below shows image of “The Great Mewstone” taken during sunset. 

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