“Driver skill still plays a massive part to Formula 1” an interview with Angus Martin

On the 29th October I interviewed formula 1 fanatic Angus Martin as he expressed his views On the sport itself. Formula 1 is an ever changing sport which is constantly being adapted by technology for the better or the worse in some peoples opinion. Angus watches the sport every week and has been following the sport for years so interviewing him has been very informative and it has expanded my knowledge of the sport. 


JB: With Mercedes already winning the constructor championship in this years Formula 1 season do you believe that car manufacturers make a big difference in the drivers standings or do you believe the sport is completely skill based?

AM: Well they’ve obviously won it due the first couple of races the came 1st and 2nd establishing a lead in front of rivals Ferrari and Red Bull. Ferrari has the best car in certain races but not the best strategy so the drivers still make a massive deal with Red Bull being a great example with Max Verstappen who drove above average in the car and his ex teammate Gasley driving below average who has now been replaced by Albon despite not being as Max he’s still in his rookie Formula 1 year which is massively impressive that he’s been promoted to Red Bull and he has been proven to be a lot more skilled than Gasley was in the same car but you definitely need a good driver and a good car for example Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, that’s why they’re gonna win the championship (Drivers and Constructors) This year.


JB: Do you think Hamilton would’ve won the Driver’s standing as a Ferrari driver as apposed to a Mercedes Driver?

AM: If Lewis Hamilton was with Ferrari it would depend who replaces him in the Mercedes seat. If you were to swap Vettel for Hamilton it would be the exact same with Mercedes dominating. Hamilton is a different driver to Vettel. I think him (Hamilton) in a Ferrari would be interesting to see. Ferrari and Mercedes have contrasting dynamics. However there have been lots of rumours that Hamilton will join Ferrari with reports of him saying he wanted to before he retired. I think Hamilton will do well in a Ferrari but I believe the Mercedes car is just better.


JB: Have there been any drivers that have impressed you from an “underdogs” point of view?

AM: Charles Lerclerc has been impressive for Ferrari, he’s been very fast but he’s also played 2nd fiddle to Vettel at some times which has brought out his very stroppy and unprofessional side. He’s got a temper, however he’s very fast and very qualified and he’s proven that by achieving 9 poles this season, more than anyone else which has been really impressive. He had a season at Sauba which is Ferraris “sister” team then he moved up to Ferrari themselves. He has been very good this season and fully deserves to be ahead of Vettel. In terms of other drivers Lando Norris he’s one of the rookies along with George Russel who have performed well despite Norris experiencing a lot of technical issues which has made is car retire On several occasions On top of mistakes made by his team for example the Silverstone race. On the other hand Russel who is with Williams who is with the worst car by far On paper giving him an unfair advantage. I think everyone involved in Williams team wants the season to be over sooner rather than later. Even Lewis Hamilton would not be winning as many races as he did if he was in the Williams car hypothetically speaking it would be very interesting to see that happen in real life!


JB: After Lewis Hamilton’s successful season this year with him pretty much winning the Drivers’ standing this year do you think he is able to replicate his success next year?

AM: Definitely! This year will be his sixth championship, if he goes onto 7 titles he will equal the record of the legend Michael Schumacher. He (Hamilton) has the best car and it would be surprising if he didn’t have the best car next year. Especially Hamilton partnering Bottas next season as well with Bottas always being a solid second driver. Depending what happens with other teams will be the only factor that would potentially stop Hamilton from winning another title.




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