Trump: Reasonable or Idiotic?

Trump’s description of the death of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is thought to enrage the IS leaders following and do more harm than good.

On Sunday, the IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi detonated his own suicide vest killing himself and 3 of his children during a US raid lasting 2 hours. A few of al Baghdadi’s comrades were also killed but no US troops were injured.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is deciding whether to release the footage of the raid so that the public can watch how the terror leader died, specifically quoted by Trump, ‘crying’, ‘whimpering’ and ‘screaming’. The death of the leader is a huge success for the US and other countries that supported the raid, such as Russia and the Kurdish intelligence. Al Baghdadi was one of the worlds most wanted criminals with a £19.5 million bounty on his head.

However, there is speculation that the speech that Trump gave on Monday morning about the death of the IS leader will infuriate Islamic State militants, possibly causing backlash for the US and the raid’s supporting countries, due to his detailed speech, ‘He died like a dog, a coward’.

Isabel Astill, a Plymouth Marjon University Journalism Student, stated in response to watching Donald Trump’s speech, “I think it’s disgusting, as much as I don’t agree with ISIS, he has still got a family and they don’t want to see him portrayed that way”.

After being asked whether Astill thought the speech will enrage the Islamic State militants and followers, she responded “100%, it is going to have a massive backlash on the US. Obviously if the leader of the thing you believe in most has been killed, they’re going to view America as an enemy and it will cause friction. The way Trump described him was inhumane, as much as I don’t like ISIS, I still think it was the wrong way to go about things, especially as someone who is meant to be looked up to and taken seriously. To say something like that in a serious environment, in an interview, a press conference, is not the way he should be behaving as a president”

As successful as the raid was, Isabel believes that the speech “didn’t need to happen, he didn’t need to comment on it, especially not the way that he did. He didn’t need to personally attack and enrage other people”.

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