Best Plymouth Costas ranked in order

Everyone must have had a Costa at least once in their lives, especially those who live in Plymouth and have seen the sheer amounts of Coffee establishments the ocean city contains. weather you like Costa or not we cannot deny these penultimate locations for an expensive brew. 


Number 5

Number 5 is the Derriford Hospital Costa. This Costa is a nice shop in a undesirable location. The reason this Costa is so low on the list is due to the nature of its location. since it is so out of the way, unless your ill or a student, this Costa is just too out of the way unless you want to go to Pizza hut as well, which is also located in this area.


Number 4

Number four is the drive-thru Costa located in Marsh mills. This Costa is very pleasant with a drive thru making it very accessible. The one defining issue however is that it is very hard to get to and almost out of the way as one review stated ”why would you come here unless you didn’t have a home to go to.”


Number 3

Number three is the Costa located on Exeter street. This Costa is very big and spacious making it a more comfortable experience… On off peak hours. Due to it being located in a shopping hotspot it can get very busy. Otherwise it is a very pleasant experience.


Number 2

Number 2 is the Armarda way Costa. This Costa would be the best with its very relaxed environment and fast service but is only brought down by how busy it gets during peak times and how anyone is allowed to sit on the outside tables meaning it is in your best interest not to sit on the outside otherwise; you will be asked for a spare rollie.


Number One

Number one is simply the greatest Costa on and off peak times with the freindliest and enthusiastic staff and quick service aswell as how underrated it is making it the perfect place to go when town is especially busy it is also open, with its only traffic being people on break from their jobs.

And these are the top picks for the best Costas within Plymouth. Although these are selected as the greatest Costas in Plymouth no Costa in the world will justify the coffee being purchased unless in is the 1 pound premium blend which justifies its price. and anything else is more or less not worth the money

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