Top Bangers of the 2010’s

The decade draws to a close, and as we look back and reflect and 10 years of ups and downs, there is no doubting that these songs helped put the 2010’s on the map.

5. One Dance – Drake, WizKid, Kyla

It would have been easy to pick several Drake songs. ‘Passionfruit’…’Hotline Bing’…’God’s Plan’, but for me, you cannot beat the filthy beat that runs throughout ‘One Dance’. 

4. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People

‘Foster the People’ have become famous for producing a song with a happy beat but with dark lyrics. This together made one of the most memorable song of this century, let alone the decade.

3: Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye, Kimbra

The definition of a one hit wonder. Selling over 13 million copies, Gotye and Kimbra cement themselves in the list of best-selling digital singles of all time

2: Get Lucky – Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams

A staple for radio station playlists in 2013. Daft Punk are no stranger to the odd banger but when Pharrell Williams decided to get involved, it was inevitable that they would make a tune that would top the U.K charts for four consecutive weeks

1: When I Was A Youngster – Rizzle Kicks

Who would of thought that two lads from Brighton would be able to create one of the bangers of the decade? Rizzle Kicks churned out what could only be described as ‘God tier’ art with this phenomenal melody. 

So many bangers. I’m looking forward to see what saucy beats, basslines and bangers that the 2020’s can offer us and maybe, just maybe… We could find another artistic masterpiece like ‘When I Was A Youngster’.

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