Top 5 clubs to visit in Plymouth if your a student number 1 will surprise you!

I’ve been a Plymouth Marjon student for 2 months and I feel like I’ve had a fair chance to have a look at what this city has to offer which is fairly similar to my home town Bournemouth with places that offer a good experience and some places that offer a terrible experience (we’re looking at you Popworld) With all that being said here is my top 5 places to visit in Plymouth.

5.Hanging Gardens: Hanging gardens offers a lot more niche vibe compared to the other clubs I have listed with events featuring artists such as Hybrid Minds and Kerrang whilst it isn’t the biggest club it offers a good atmosphere which is key.


4.Fever: A club which has had a facelift but a much needed one fever offers a decent night out with a fun atmosphere but it still remains in the shadow of Pryzm by a long way unfortunately but is has potential to be a solid club in the future.



3.Factory: Factory offers a lot of drum and bass events which I’m personally into which means it’s probably gonna be higher up my list than other people’s opinions but the club itself offers a “street” vibe which I’m a big fan of.


2.Pryzm: A textbook night out in Plymouth you can always have a solid night out in Pryzm with the 3 dance rooms being Curve which offers rap music from the UK and US scene for example AJ Tracey and Octavian being some of the regular featured artists. Vinyl offers instant classics featuring artists such as The Backstreet Boys and finally the main room which usually as feature artists or special guests such as Big Narstie performing there.



1. Switch: It might not look the fanciest and it might just be a converted house which looks like it’s falling down but nearly every time I come to Switch the atmosphere is fantastic, it takes all the royalty and glamour from your usual night out in return of lots of laughs and near death experiences. I hope it never changes.

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