Sitcoms to see you through the winter

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time. Seasons are changing, leaves are falling, the air is getting crisper. It is the time for spending evenings inside, with the people you love most, drinking hot chocolate, playing games, watching Netflix and laughing until your sides hurt. So, here are my recommendations for sitcoms to see you through this cold winter:

First up, The Good Place

Currently, in the midst of airing its 4th and final season, the good place is an NBC original comedy focussed around the concept of the after life and what it may hold for us. This show has an all star cast including Kristen Bell (Frozen), Jameela Jamil (T4) and Ted Danson (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and brilliant writers, enabling them to create a show which is simply forking brilliant. This show regularly has me laughing with my mum and with new episodes out every Friday on Netflix UK, this gem should see you right up until christmas.

Next we’re throwing it back to 1990 in Los Angeles, California to the absolute classic that is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

With a theme tune that gets us all singing to this day, you’re unlikely to find someone who hasn’t heard of this smash hit. You’ve probably seen most of it yourself, but trust me it is worth the rewatch. Not only is it still brilliantly funny, but it is amazingly topical, managing to sensitively tackle issues such as sexism, racism and sub-par parents just to name a few. And with a young Will Smith out here looking that fine, who is complaining?

Third on my list is back to being a little fresher, it’s a noice little show to watch with friends and is great to quote from. Terry loves it, it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

A show that again, tackles some serious issues like sexuality but also has great comedy and maybe one too many Die Hard references. You’d struggle to beat the cold opens from “BOOYA!” to the backstreet boys line up. They’ve just started filming season 8, with seasons 1-5 available on Netflix UK and seasons 1-6 available on Amazon Prime UK you can start catching up now before season 7 makes its way to streaming services on our side of the pond.

The penultimate choice for the list is an oldie, but goldie with How I Met Your Mother.

Another sensational cast with Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel and Cobie Smulders and a story line that could make even the coldest of hearts melt, this one is worth a cheeky revisit, perhaps with your partner this cuffing season, even if it’s just to remind yourself that they aren’t all that bad.

And last, but by no means least, we have come to a modern classic British sitcom, Friday Night Dinner.

With comedy acting genius from Simon Bird (Inbetweeners) and Tom Rosenthal (Plebs) as Adam and Jonny, the typical argumentative brothers and sons of the dysfunctional couple Martin and Jackie (Paul Ritter and Tamsin Greig) this show is a great one to share with your mates or perhaps a few of your family. Season 6 is set to hit screens early next year and it looks like it’ll be bloody boiling so get your self caught up.

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