International Men’s Day At Marjon

What a fine looking bunch- International Men’s Day is celebrated across 80 countries worldwide.


We’re well over halfway through Movember, and you gents have certainly impressed (some more than others, sorry lads) with your moustache efforts. From the impressively thick to the “I hope the next gust of wind doesn’t blow it off”, it’s refreshing to see so many blokes sporting the facial hair this November.

As we start the run up to Christmas, let’s talk about International Men’s Day, why it exists and the reason behind Movember…

International Men’s Day is celebrated by over 80 countries across the world. And in a world where mental health and awareness of mental health issues are becoming so much more talked-about, what better way to spread the message than through celebration?

Here at Marjon, our days and evenings have been jam-packed with fundraising events for the Movember charity. From quizzes to pizza-eating contests, students have wasted no time raking in that sweet cash for a good cause.

What is Movember?

Movember is a charity set up to tackle mental health issues in men on a global scale. It all began in Australia back in 2003, when two mates had an idea: With moustaches fading out of fashion, could they bring it back?

Over the years, more and more men have sported a ‘tache for charity, supporting causes such as  the Prostate Cancer Foundation for Australia, beyond blue and The Prostate Cancer Charity. In 2006 Movember received official charity status in Australia, and in 2008 began to focus on men’s mental health. Since then, the charity has funded over 1,250 men’s health projects. And the rest, as they say, is history…

What’s the big deal?

“In the UK, men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women”(


Let’s talk about that statistic up there. A whole three times more likely? And did you know that the highest rate of suicides in the UK is by men aged 45-49 years of age? These are staggering statistics, and it begs the question “What can we do?”

Charities and initiatives such as Movember, “UOKM8”, Man Down Cornwall and all share the same central focus: Breaking stigmas and improving welfare.

Have you got a mate that seems quieter than usual? Are they acting out of character? Reach out to them. Check that things are okay. Us blokes tend to keep stuff to ourselves, but it costs nothing to ask and check up on each other.

So,  in the run up to Christmas, look out for those glorious (or not) moustaches in the corridors as you walk to your lectures. But don’t forget to look out for your mates too, and remember: Help is never far away.

Suicide Prevention Helpline:        116 123

Marjon Student Support:   

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