‘Nicholas the Sweep’ Review on Sainsbury’s Christmas advert

As soon as the Christmas season approaches, we wait for the release of the long-awaited Christmas adverts. The one that really caught my eye this year was Sainsbury’s advert ‘Nicholas the Sweep’.

A young boy is seen to be working for a neglectful man who has taken on young orphaned boys and works them as chimney sweeps. Whilst leading the children to work, the man steals oranges from a woman who owns a fruit stall, who we soon find out is Mrs Sainsbury, but one happens to fall to the ground. The young boy picks it up, presumably to give back to Mrs Sainsbury but is wrongly convicted of stealing and is banished from the town.

In a snowstorm, the young boy is found under a tree shivering and dreaming about his banishment, but Mrs Sainsbury appears and offers him shelter in her carriage, gifting him a bag of oranges. The young boy decides to go back to his old work place and places an orange in the socks of each child, but placing a lump of coal in the sock of the man in charge of the orphaned children.

With the other children waking up and finding their gifts, and the man shocked to find his coal. The young boy leaves the town wearing a red blanket and hat, turning back and snow falls perfectly on his hat to suggest he is Santa Claus, hence his name ‘Nicholas the Sweep’. 

The only confusing factor about this advert was the placement of the socks on the fireplace, despite ‘Santa’ not yet invented till the end of the advert.

however, the adverts narrative holds an endearing message in it as Mrs Sainsbury, a well presented lady with a kind appearance, tells Nicolas, a poor, dirty looking boy, “if you cant do something special for someone at Christmas, when can you?”. The advert is a reminder for viewers to be kind and remember the less fortunate, whilst maintaining the festive feel in Christmas adverts.

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