Christmas Day: A Timeline

8:15 am

You get up for the day. Crash into your parents’ room with more Christmas cheer and festive spirit than all the elves in the North Pole. Whack on a speaker and start blasting Christmas anthems throughout the house and the neighbourhood to ready their festive cheer.

1 pm

The smell of dinner starts floating through the house. Turkey, roasties, gravy, pigs in blankets, all carry you through to the kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s a trap and you have now been given the job to set the table in preparation for the banquet that is about to befall you.

3 pm

It’s here, Right on cue. You prepare your cracker opening skills to win the luxurious prizes that wait inside. A Christmas joke sure to leave the company in stiches, a small pack of cards and, the real emblem of Christmas success… The paper crowns. Wearing it with pride as all other family members gaze upon you with envy. You are the true royalty of this table.

4:30 pm

Its time for the tree. The sound of rips and shreds of shiny paper leaves the living room in ruins, but you don’t care, you’ve walked away with a remote-control helicopter and a pair of Nike socks

5:30 pm

Monopoly, Cluedo, The Chase board game, take your pick. Either way its going to lead to the family not speaking for at least 2 hours… that is until another argument arises about someone leaving their dish on top the dishwasher and not in the dishwasher

9 pm

You’re exhausted at this time. You can only go so far talking with your family in such an extended length of time. The hour calls you to bed to rest a stomach full of turkey and whichever festive beverage took your fancy this year.

Another Christmas well done!

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