Hello and welcome to the Marjon Rock-Paper-Scissor Championships. We’ll be with you until 12:30 PM where we’ll find who the ultimate champion is. The link to the page which you can find the live stream of these events is down below this. We hope you enjoy!

Thank you and join us next month when Tanner will prove his ability on the international scale for the first time when he goes up against Mike Tyson. We’ll see you there!

12:30 – Tanner wins the championship and books his place to Saudi Arabia to face off against Mike Tyson in a heavyweight Rock-Paper-Scissors bout!

12:25 – From 6-3 down, Lewis comes back to level it all at 6 all! A masterclass in mental strength and determination from the Torpoint faithful. This means we go to sudden death rock-paper-scissors…

12:11 – Due to early discrepancies with Tanners background staff, he was docked 2 points meaning the round started off all square at 2-a-piece. This would mean very little to Tanner as he cut his way to a 4 point lead at 6-2, winning all 4 games with scissors.

12:00 PM. Technical difficulties means the 3rd round has been delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

11:58 – Tanner shows another confident display to win the round 2-1 and lead overall 4-2. Scissors so far has been the most successful choice winning for our competitors five times. 

11:46. Tanner comes from 1 nil down to beat Lewis 2-1 before the break. A confident start from Lewis but a triumphant display from Tanner means he goes to the second round with confidence 

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