You Season 2 Review – The Likeable Psychopath

After indulging ourselves on Christmas day; eating our bodyweight in food, drinking way too much and being spoilt by family and friends, on boxing day, we were treated to another present… Season 2 of You on Netflix.

The whole story is quite farfetched but you can’t help but love it. Its addictive. I binge watched it all in two days, halfway through my mum asks me what I’m watching, and I reply ‘you’. My unbeknownst mother was absolutely creeped out. And that couldn’t represent the show more… creepy. You start to question your own sanity when you realise you have grown quite attached to Joe (or Will)…

It begins with Joe running away to Los Angeles as it is the last place he wants to be. The irony marks his hatred for the place, its lack of culture and no one would supposedly look for him there… But that’s where it all goes wrong, well even more so than it already has. Joe (Penn Badgley) steals the identity of LA hacker, Will Bettelheim and starts a new job at a hipster bookstore, where he meets Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) after she asks Joe if a peach looks like a butt. Love at first sight, right? Joe becomes instantly obsessed with Love and fantasises about her whilst at work… Having a wank… In broad daylight… If you thought Season 1 was a lot, then you have a lot coming for you.

Eventually, Love admits to Joe that she had a husband who died 3 years prior. However, MASSIVE spoiler alert, after finding out that Love actually killed Delilah, and it wasn’t a drugged up, LSD newbie, Joe, you start to wonder whether Love killed her husband. But that’s a whole different conspiracy theory.

Similarly to season 1, there is the vulnerable but clever child, this time a soon to be 16 year old girl called Ellie, who bonds with Joe by swapping interests, she suggests movies for Joe to watch and he suggests books for her to read and she also insists Joe gets Instagram and Facebook to become more interesting (these end up being the reason that Joe is found again by his ex ex Candice). Her sister, Delilah Alves, is the landlord of Joe’s flat, who Joe has a fling with when he and Love break up.

Joes narration over the scenes are so clever in a way that he is attempting to convince himself that he is doing the right thing, which essentially, the audience is being dragged into this façade. The constant use of rhetorical questions that Joe directs at himself, the audience subconsciously answer. You, as an audience member, are beginning to believe in Joe, that he is becoming a good person, but the narration is quite simply a mind game from Joe to you. For this, he is so perfect for the role, there couldn’t be a better actor to portray Joe Goldberg than Penn Badgley.

A few episodes in, a correlation between characters from season 1 and season 2 start to play out. Forty is similar to Peach, Ellie with Paco. Initially, you think Love is replacing Beck and is going to be Joes next target, but she turns out to be Joes equal. She is the mirror image of Joe, just as psychotic, killing both Candice and Delilah over jealousy and protection issues.

Victoria Pedretti, the incredibly talented actress who starred in The Haunting of Hill House, shocked us all when her character, Love, provided not only Joe, but the audience with that major plot twist. You pity her for her estranged family and her sore past. Once Joe comes to terms with the fact that Love is pregnant with his baby, you almost want her and Joe to be happy together because they’re the same. But its Joe were talking about…

The finale ends with a nosy Joe peeping through a fence and beginning his next venture with a sun hat wearing lady, lounging in her garden reading books. The mystery lady and Joes new interest can only mean one thing… Season 3 anyone?

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