Top 5 Foreign Premier League players, number 3 will surprise you!

The Premier League is viewed as the most prestigious top flight division in the world due to it’s reputation of how physically enduring the league is and how competitive it is with 6 different teams winning the competition since it’s first season in 1992/1993 where Blackburn Rovers won the title. Manchester United have won the Premier League a total of 13 times the most out of any club and I personally think whoever wins the Premier League will always be featuring foreign talent as well as homegrown talent, so it’s safe to say the League has been blessed with some sensational talent. My criteria for my list will be that the player will have had to have at least 2 full seasons showcasing themselves at peak performance (No one season wonders) and they have to be a respected as an icon for their club they represented. So here’s my top 5 foreign players to play in the Premier League:


5.Nemanja Vidic:

Nationality: Serbia

Club Manchester United (2006-2014)

Vidic was an absolute Titan for Manchester United and made the best centre back partnership in Premier League history with Rio Ferdinand (In my opinion) with the latter joining Manchester United 3 years before Vidic. Vidic won 5 Premier League titles in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Vidic was the first Premier League defender alongside Ferdinand to win the league 3 years in a row which his a credit to the player he was. A tough tackler, a strong leader Vidic embodied what is was to be to be a top Premier League centre back and Manchester United sorely miss a leader like him.


4. Vincent Kompany 

Nationality: Belgium

Club: Manchester City (2008-2019)

Vincent Kompany was signed for Manchester City On the verge of a new takeover from Sheik Mansour. Kompany has been instrumental for City’s achievements in the past decade with the Belgian winning 4 Premier League titles with the club provided fantastic leadership for his Manchester City colleagues. No matter who his centre back partner was or who is manager was Kompany always used to get the defence performing exceptionally under any circumstances which is my reason for putting him ahead of Vidic in this list. Manchester City could do with his services now after a lack or fit centre backs available for Pep Guardiola making Manchester City’s title challenge a lot tougher than previous seasons with Liverpool maintaining their sensational form from last year.

3. Patrick Vieira/ Roy Keane: (Vieira-1996-2005)  (Keane-1993-2005)

I honestly couldn’t decide between which one of these players I was going to put as my number 3 so I had to pick both of them due to their fantastic performances and legacy they implemented at their club. Perhaps the greatest player rivalry in Premier League history, Vieira and Keane despised each other throughout their playing careers which made each player better themselves and the team around them which was key to both Arsenal and Manchester United’s domestic success in this era. Roy Keane won the Premier League 7 Premier League titles with Arsenal Patrick Vieira won 3 Premier League titles with having won the illusive golden Premier League title which has never been done before which is a massive credit to Vieira who captained the side throughout the season. I’d personally say Vieira was the better athlete and Keane was the tougher, more solid leader but both are an absolute credit to the sport let alone the Premier League.



2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Nationality: Portugal

Club Manchester United (2003-2009)

Ronaldo is one of the best players to have ever to grace the Premier the flair, passion and desire to win is credit to his competitive personality. Ronaldo was United’s talisman for the 6 years at the club scoring some of the best goals ever witnessed in the league with the free-kick against Portsmouth being my pick of the bunch. Ronaldo won 3 consecutive titles with the Red Devils in 2007,2008 and 2009. Ronaldo has been proven to be irreplaceable for United as the club hasn’t found a world class talent since he departed in 2009.


1.Thierry Henry 

Nationality: French 

Club: Arsenal (1999-2007/2011-2012)

Thierry Henry is the best foreign player to ever grace the Premier League his contribute to Arsenal by putting them On the map as a world class outfit. Pace, agility, strength and finishing Thierry Henry was lethal in his prime. He won the league 2 times in 2002 and 2004 with the latter being Arsenal’s invincible season where he scored a sensational 30 goals to guide Arsenal to un beaten Premier League title, an incredible achievement.



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