VAR has been a massive disappointment this season says James Benton

After watching the VAR decision that ruled part of Aston Villa players’ Wesley’s heel was offside in the buildup to Jack Grealish’s disallowed goal in the Burnley and Aston Villa game On New Year Day’s I felt like I should give my strong opinion about VAR.

VAR was implemented into the Premier League for the first time for the 2019/2020 and personally I can’t stand it. Despite literally having an action replay for the referees they still seem to have a lack of cohesion when it comes to making decisions. It’s embarrassing that such a high standard of top tier football has been mocked and belittled by such poor officiating. 

When the technology was first implemented into the league I was relieved. I thought the standard of refereeing would be impeccable and hassle free but the technology has had an adverse effect. In some cases fans now have to wait in excess of 5 minutes just to see if their team has scored a goal or not it’s shocking to see and it’s killing the atmosphere of the beautiful game.

Don’t get me started On the offside decisions VAR has given, if a player has his even his armpit is past the last defender VAR can deem it offside which I find absolutely absurd. I hope for the next Premier League season they either remove it from the game or improve it drastically when it comes to decision making, decision speed and offside rules. I’m sure a lot of fans a like will agree with me about this situation 

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