‘I love how everyone comes together in difficult times’ – Life in Lockdown with Grace Mouat

Actress Grace Mouat has multiple performance credits to her name, including covering many roles as a swing in Six and most recently performing in hit new musical &Juliet in the ensemble and first cover Juliet. Now having to adjust to a life in lockdown, I talked to Grace about how she is handling it all and her hopes for the arts industry looking forward.

First of all, how are you feeling about the whole situation?

Every now and then it hits me and I get this sudden wave of realisation that this is actaully happening! However, I have been staying positive the majority of the time as I am trying to be as productive as possible! I am taking the time to look inwards and using it to pick up exciting new hobbies etc.

How have you been keeping yourself occupied during the lockdown? 

I have started a YouTube channel! I absolutely love it and I am really enjoying planning fun and silly challenges and videos to keep people entertained and hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces during these difficult times. I have also been trying to get creative with arts and crafts such as knitting and making dream catchers and doing some live stream concerts which have encouraged me to learn new songs.

What are you most looking forward to doing once lockdown is over? 

Seeing my friends and family, hugs and getting back in the theatre!

Is there anything we, as theatre fans, can do to help the arts industry in these trying times? 

Buy tickets for actor’s doing live streams and maybe consider donating to theatre-based charities or not refunding a recent ticket purchase. Keep up the positivity on social media! 

What is your favourite thing about the theatre industry as a whole?

I love how everyone comes together in difficult times and I love the current support for new musicals and understudies

How have you been managing day to day life in quarantine? Do you have a routine, or do you just go with the flow?

It really varies! Sometimes, I find a routine helpful for my mental health. It usually consists of exercise, meditation, a skin care regime and cooking. However, sometimes I also find it helpful to keep my pjs on and watch Disney+ all day because that’s what my mind/body/soul wants that day. Both are perfectly okay!

Do you have any advice for people who are perhaps finding lockdown hard to manage?  

I think that the answer for this kind of links with my answer above. Know that there is no right way to respond to thing because it has never, ever happened before. Therefore, give yourself some credit because sometimes just coping is enough! No one in the world has figured it out yet so it is absolutely okay if you do not either.

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel? 

I had been umm-ing and ah-ing about it for quite some time as I have always loved YouTube vlogs and thought that my personality would be quite well suited to it! I then did a YouTube takeover on a theatre vlogger’s account (Bryony Rose) and realised just how much I loved it and when an amazing way it is to document memories. Lockdown just gave the little push to say right now is the time!

I would like to thank Grace for her time and her answers to this interview, and wish her the very best for the future. Stay safe x

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