‘The theatre industry has really shown a real sense of community’ – Life in Lockdown with Bradley Judge

Actor Bradley Judge has starred in a number of productions including the UK Tours of Hair and Salad Days, Pippin and YANK! I was fortunate enough to talk to Bradley all about how he is adjusting to life in lockdown, how he is keeping himself occupied and his hopes for the future when the theatres are eventually allowed to reopen.

First of all, how are you feeling about the whole virus and lockdown situation?

Well, it is a very strange time. I keep thinking that it is not real and someone is going to wake me up and it will be a dream, but it is not and we all must take ownership of that. I am a huge advocate for making sure that we are staying inside and to make the whole country safe. The more we follow the government guidelines, the quicker we can squash this virus

How have you been keeping yourself occupied during the lockdown?

Trying to keep busy and occupied has proven difficult. There is only so many times you can do one thing, but I am trying to stay creative to overcome this. I have downloaded TikTok and have been trying to make videos that will make people laugh. We must all remain positive and comedy can always help with that. I have also been doing lots of quizzes with my friends and getting out on bike rides. I am trying to find motivation to stay active, and not eat everything in the fridge haha.

What are you most looking forward to doing once lockdown is over?

Hugging people. I miss hugging my friends and I can’t wait to have physical contact again. But most of all, I miss my boyfriend. We have decided to quarantine separately at our family homes so I am really looking forward to seeing him when this is all over.

Is there anything we, as theatre fans, can do to help the arts industry in these trying times?

I knot that it is tough for everyone with money at the moment, but if you can take advantage of any concerts that are being streamed or any workshops it can help performers to keep earning a little bit. I am doing a few workshops over the next few weeks so it you are able to join please do.

What is your favourite thing about the theatre industry as a whole?

The sense of community and I think that is really is being highlighted during this lockdown. The theatre industry has taken a massive hit during the pandemic as it is so social, but it hasn’t stopped and I love that. There are concerts happening all over the internet, videos being posted, streaming musicals and plays online. We must keep going and the theatre industry has really shown a real sense of community.

With the theatres closed and so much being moved online, do you think that we are seeing a big change in how the industry works?

Temporarily yes. For the time being there is a big shift because we can’t run the industry in the way that we normally would, however I have every big of faith that after this is over, the industry will be thriving with lots of new work and our favourite shows reopening.

How have you been managing day to day life in quarantine? Do you have a routine, or do you just go with the flow?

I make sure that I get dressed every day. Having a shower and putting on clothes really helps me to feel human. Apart from that, I do just go with the flow, everything is different and that helps me to not get bored.

Do you have any advice for people who are perhaps finding lockdown hard to manage?

Try to stay away from negativity online. I try to keep myself occupied with inspiring and creative videos on social media. Of course it is important to stay in the know about the virus, but reading about it a lot can get people down. Make sure that you are reading the essential material and then try to steer clear from the rest. Watch uplifting TV programmes and follow funny accounts on social media. Keeping getting fresh air on your daily walks (following the government guidelines) and mix up your days so that it does not feel like groundhog day.

Do you think that it is important to talk about mental health in these challenging times?

Of course, now more than ever. We should be sharing our feelings with people, bottling it up will only lead to more problems. No one is alone, technology has meant that we are able to talk to others and this is the key to stay positive. We must all stay safe, not just physically, but mentally too and we will get through this.

I would like to thank Bradley for his time and his answers to this interview, as well as wish him the very best for the future. Stay safe

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