Covid can’t squash a good community spirit

Covid may have put the kybosh on this year’s Halloween trick or treating as we know it, as it’s been banished this year for many youngsters who love this annual chance to dress up in their creepy costumes and go out after dark to fill their buckets full of sweets. 

On a crisp, clear October evening I took my dog for an evening stroll and was surprised with what I found along the way. Firstly, a full moon made a timely appearance, shining spookily over the park. Then despite the country being on the verge of a second national lockdown, my soul was truly heartened to see the lengths people had gone to around my local area 

Before I’d turned the corner at the end of my road, I discovered that people had decorated their houses and left buckets laden with lollipops at the end of their gardens, for the little ones to collect, for the brave few who still venture out tonight. 

It seems that community spirit cannot be squashed. 


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