Uncertainty in the Mercedes-AMG F1 team after winning their 7th constructors’ championship in a row.

The declarations made by Lewis Hamilton and his team boss Toto Wolff after the Imola Grand Prix gives us a glimpse that one of the greatest F1 teams in history is slowly coming to an end.

After getting a double podium that mathematically gave them the builders’ trophy, the Mercedes team was not all smiles since the words of their leader, Toto Wolff, did not indicate optimism, rather the opposite, an end of the cycle.

On numerous occasions, Toto reiterated his desire to step aside and stop being the leader of Mercedes. he wants to stay on the team but is exhausted by the pressure he’s put under every week.

Toto added: “I think we go together – we have a symbiosis. It is important where our heart and mindset is for next year. This is our team, but I am a very proud co-owner and I will not go anywhere.

“Nothing is ever secure. Like Niki Lauda in the 1970s, you can wake up and say: ‘I don’t want to carry on’. But we want to continue this journey. We are not finished, Lewis and I.”

On the other hand, Lewis said: “I don’t even know if I’ll be in the paddock next season”. no doubt this phrase set off all alarms and put all motorsport fans in shock.

Wolff said: “I guess if Lewis were to decide to step out of F1 – which I don’t think is going to happen – we are going to have a pretty frantic driver market. But it’s the moment; it’s the emotions

There is a possibility that one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1 is about to leave the competition. However, we do not know if this will be a goodbye or a see you later. Lewis said: “I feel great and still very strong and feel like I could keep going for plenty of months,”.

It may simply be that he needs a break like his team leader and is that Lewis has been an f1 driver since 2007, that’s 13 years competing at the highest level and being subjected to high pressure both physically and mentally.

The reality is that the seasons do not take their toll on the British driver who at 35 continues to expand his legacy in motorsport.

93 victories behind him, he already surpasses the motor icon, Michael Schumacher, and from what we can guess he is on his way to winning many more. Currently one race away of becoming World Champion, if Lewis manages to not lose more than seven points, in the Turkish Grand Prix, he will win his seventh championship and fourth one in a row.


Signs of respect and admiration for Toto Wolff

Wolff is already one of the most successful team bosses in the history of F1.

Humbleness is a word many of his workers use to describe him. said he “felt a little bit embarrassed about taking too much of the credit, because everyone contributes in their area of expertise; everybody is part of this successful journey”.

Hamilton, while emphasising the collective effort, did point out Wolff’s work.

“He’s not trying to be at the front of every photo, he’s not trying to claim anything,” Hamilton said. “He puts the team first. Without doubt, he is the best leader here. No-one has done as good a job as he has.

“I think it’s his mentality – the balance of drive, compassion, understanding and ego all come together to create the best boss you could have.

“Every single person in the team, no-one is below him and he really cares about how everyone is doing away from the track. He’s a really great guy, man, and I feel really privileged to have him as our leader, and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without his guidance.”


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