Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween becomes another hit for Netflix.

Sandler’s seasonal comedy “Hubie Halloween” has proved to be a hit. The quirky comedy where Adam plays a simple and kind hearted do-gooder, who finds himself ridiculed for being the everyday hero every town needs. 

Hubie Halloween follows on from the Oscar nominated “uncut gems”, which was also a straight to Netflix film. Uncut gems got rave reviews reaching 92% on rotten tomatoes and 7.4/10 on IMDb, although Hubie Halloween wasn’t as well received by critics it has been widely commended for its viewership. 

For anybody who is an Adam Sandler fan, there is plenty of inside jokes and familiar faces to get you through the film enjoying every scene. When going to watch Hubie Halloween you can expect the same charming performance Adam has been delivering since the mid 90’s.

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