Chocolate expert reveals how to eat yours and reap the health benefits

Have you been eating your chocolate in the wrong way?

UK chocolate expert Jennifer Earle from Ecstasy Tours has explained how we should be munching our chocolate in a completely different way than we have done for years. Instead of just chucking it in and chomping, we’ve been doing it wrong“Smell the chocolate first – once you put it in your mouth you won’t smell it in the same way. Sniff three times slowly, snap it and then smell. The best time to smell it is after the snap because it releases its aroma” said Jennifer.  

To get the most benefit from our favourite sweet treat, we should place it on the tongue and suck it. This allows the chocolate to melt and the flavours are released. 

To avoid eating too much, choose a high quality, high cocoa content chocolate which will be more expensive, but if you eat it slowly and mindfully, it gives your brain a chance to recognise it’s receiving signals which let you know you’ve eaten enough, so you will eat less.  

There are numerous health benefits to eating good quality dark chocolate as it contains fibre, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese, potassium, phosphorus zinc and selenium. But your palate might need a little time to readjust if you’re a regular Cadburys Milk lover! 

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