The surprising rise of Aston Villa in the Premier League

Aston Villa went from being on the verge of relegation last year to sneaking into the big six this season, without a doubt they are one of the revelation teams of this 2020/2021 premier league.


A team commanded from the bench by the former English player, Dean Smith, who has been in charge of “the villains” since 2018. Throughout his career in the English team, he has managed to climb from the championship to the premier league, stay the season next, in a somewhat miraculous way, yes, but always maintaining his essence of the game and faithful to his ideals.


The key reason why the villains are currently in the top positions of the league is their cornerstone and determining factor in each game, Jack Grealish. The 25-year-old English striker is the soul of this team, the quality and magic that week after week makes fans and non-fans alike rise from their seats, because with good performances, Jack Grealish, has managed to gain a niche on the list of the English coach, Gareth Southgate, to the point of becoming a key player in the future of the English team.


Without forgetting of course Ollie Watkins, the killer of the team – the Englishman at 24 years old, debuting at the premier league, and in his first season as a villain is leaving great sensations. Day after day reminds his best version at Brentford, where last year, he managed to be the top scorer, along with Mitrovic, with 26 goals, this being one of the main reasons for his signing for the Villa team.

Drastic change of mind or perhaps a stroke of luck?

We really don’t know the secret behind Aston Villa, we don’t know if it’s a matter of luck or that there really was a change from one season to another. the reality is that Aston villa is most surprising when it faces the big teams in the league, such as Liverpool, Manchester United or Arsenal. We see that Dean Smith’s team does not shrink against these; indeed, it beats them, or at least it is what we are used to this year. and that is why he is often called “the giant killer”. The results of 7-2 against Liverpool and 3-0 against arsenal endorse this name.

This was said by Jurgen Klopp after suffering one of the biggest losses in the Premier League.

“All the things you should not do in a football game we did tonight but all the credit to Aston villa because they forced us to do that.”

“Watkins, was for us tonight, undefendable, he could keep all the ball, he didn’t only score goals, he caused us problems everywhere.”

“And Jack Grealish, of course, what a footballer he gets the ball in a 1-1 situation and he can go inside and it’s at least a big chance.”

“Villa played really nice football, in moments undefendable.”


The words of Arsenal’s Spanish former player and current coach, Mikel Arteta, praising the performance of the rival team, not only in this game but throughout this season, emphasizing the quality that Aston Villa footballers’ treasure.



The demands of the competition and the not very extensive and inexperienced squad available to the English team may be one of the determining factors so that eventually their good streak ends.

Aston Villa has shown that it is a team with courage and faith, so it is difficult for them to give up without a fight.

One certain thing is that this is a season filled with surprises, with Everton wanting to be part of the famous big six again, the irregularity of teams like Manchester City and Manchester United, and the unexpected irruption of teams like Southampton and obviously, Aston Villa.

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