US voters question Joe Biden’s temper after interview with Nick Clegg resurfaces

During an interview with Nick Clegg, Joe Biden claimed he was not an angry person. However, recently, certain things about the ex-Vice President have surfaced recently, throwing that claim into new light. 

According to this interview, Biden and Clegg worked together on The Trans-Atlantic Commission on Election Integrity. This commission would be “casting a spotlight on mischievous meddling in the democratic process”, according to Clegg.

During the podcast, Biden and Clegg talked at length about the future of both the U.S and the UK, Biden’s book published in 2017, and Biden’s need to keep himself “occupied.” 

This podcast has recently re-emerged due to Biden’s projected win in the election, and many people have scrutinized this podcast, calling it a hit to Biden’s representation.

Biden calls himself the “optimist of the White House” and says that he’s “been there longer than any of [the staff].” As for if this remains true two years later is yet to be seen.

To the question, “Are you an angry person?” asked by Nick Clegg, Biden said that he wasn’t. However, a little over a year later, Biden “went off” at an 83 year old Democratic voter, calling him a “damn liar” for asking a question about his son, begging the question: does Joe Biden have a bad temper? Is the claim of him being the “optimist of the White House” true? 

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