“No one understands how bad it is when you’re mentally ill” Bru-C reveals heartbreaking struggle with mental health

Up and coming EDM/D&B rapper Bru-C has came back from a prolonged social media silence with an update about his mental health and future album release.

One of Nottingham’s finest stars of the revolutionary urban music movements, Bru-C, has put out a plea to fans to come forward and speak up about mental health, after revealing he had hit “Rock bottom” during the current pandemic. During the lengthy and tear-wrenching post on Facebook, the 26 year old wrote about his own mental health and the support he had received stating:

I hit absolute rock bottom. It got so bad that I didn’t wanna be here any more and only thanks to a handful of people I still am. When you’re in that place you think there is no way out, which is the reason I’m talking about this today.

I want to thank my family & friends for being there for me but most importantly Jade, you’ve been my rock. I also want to thank the NHS/Nottingham Crisis Team. They were there when I needed them, on the day, it took one call and its helped me so much.


Bru-C revealed he had been dealing with mental health for a while now, with conditions such as anxiety and depression. Songs such as “Introspective”, give a broader view of these silent battles that people face on a daily basis, with lyrical self-help lyrics such as “Stand tall by yourself, rise and fall by yourself, You were born alone and you will die all by yourself”, telling fans that they don’t need others to be happy and that it’s okay to be alone and  in control of their own mind.

He continued  his post with a plea to fans:

The reason Im speaking about this is because I need to remind myself and others know that it’s OK to not be OK. Also to know that if this post could help one person get help then my life has purpose. Suicides are on the rise. To anyone feeling suicidal. Please dont do it. Think of your family & friends.


The sensational rapper,  known for his hit singles such as “You and I”, has been on the path to stardom in the new age of underground music, since performing for one of the first times in “Dont Flop” grime clashes back in 2014. He now is at the fore-front of the scene, appearing alongside DJ’s and other MC’s, forming a close partnership with “Darkzy” and “Window Kid”, two other Nottingham locals who made appearances in some of his earlier tracks.

Bru-C concluded his post stating “I’m gonna get back to what I know best” whilst dropping a vague approximate release date for his new album dropping sometime “next month”. The pre-eminent artist is one of the unsung heroes of mental health during the pandemic, helping people by playing his positive songs to his local neighborhood, whilst also organizing free personal training sessions to improve mental health to the public earlier in the year.

Bru-c’s Song “introspective” featured above includes a positive outlook on life, wishing for his fans to think of the positives in their life.

(For more information on mental health support visit: https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/mental-health-services/where-to-get-urgent-help-for-mental-health/ )

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