PS5 Release Times UK

The next generation of gaming has arrived in Europe, albeit a week later than our North American counterparts. Sony have received criticism on their newest gaming console, primarily due to the difficulty customers have had securing a pre-order for the console.

 If you were one of the lucky ones, congratulations! You can sleep soundly with dreams of next generation gaming arriving at your doorstep tomorrow morning.

If you did not manage to place a pre-order, there is help at hand.

Some suppliers in the U.K have confirmed they will have day one units in stock but are dropping them on their websites at various times. Here are some of the times stores have given as to when they are releasing some stock onto their websites:


Amazon – 12PM

Currys – 9AM


Tesco – 9AM

John Lewis – 9AM


Very have confirmed they have stock, but like their pre-orders, have given no estimated time to customers to order the console.


See you all at 9AM!

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