Christmas covid rules

The leaders of the four UK nations had an emergency meeting to discuss how the people of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland can celebrate Christmas with the looming cloud of coronavirus above us all. 

The emergency meetings, which by the way are aptly code named “COBRA”, allowed the leaders of the four UK nations to come to an agreement. They are allowing up to three UK households to meet during a 5-day Christmas period, which will run from the 23rd to the 27th of December. 

During this time people can mix indoors in their private homes, places of worship and outdoor spaces, travel restrictions will also be relaxed.  

This does mean that we can have a relatively normal Christmas but we still have to be careful. 

They have stated your “Christmas bubble” must be “exclusive” this means households must form a bubble with each other and not change or extend their bubbles. You can continue to meet people who are not in your Christmas bubble outside of your homes, keeping in line with what tier your area is currently in. You cannot meet anybody in their private homes who are not part of your Christmas bubble. 

If you’re planning on going back home for Christmas make sure you’re staying safe for the next couple of weeks. 

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