Noise complaints reach a high at Plymouth Marjon University

According to crime statistics in the area, Plymouth Marjon University and surrounding areas have had over 100 noise complaints in the past six months. 

This is presumably due to the national lockdown. As students are unable to leave the campus, they are often forced to meet up in their flats, which often results in a lot of noise. 

A student on campus tells us their views; “I don’t see the problem, we just wanted a little fun.” 

However, people around the campus, notably those who live close by, have not been shy in making noise complaints. Over a hundred have been made in the past six months, with 98 of them being in the past three months alone. 

Some of the students living on campus, though, agree with the noise complaints, and have, in fact, been the ones to report the noise and anti-social behaviours. 

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